Our Story

TJ and Sawyer have been friends since they were 5 years old. TJ started his Real Estate career at Keller Williams as an Inside Sales Agent. He quickly fell in love with the industry. Naturally, TJ told Sawyer and he quickly became eager to join TJ on this real estate journey. But there was a catch….


The easiest way for Sawyer to get into the industry was to get his license and become a buyers agent. That sounded nice until he realized he had no training, his bills were piling up, and he was MONTHS from a paycheck.


There had to be a better solution to bring agents in. That’s when TJ had an idea. He’d seen how in demand positions like sign running were with agents but also noticed the complete lack of a system in place to deal with such needs. What if they could get future and new agents making money and trained ASAP while lessening the stresses and duties of already established agents? There had to be a way...


Thus, Realtor Support Group was born.