Buy the Damn Hat.

I know, I know. What the Hell is Midwest Beach? What beach is in the Midwest? Well, actually there are a lot of beaches. They just happen to bank on muddy rivers with floating coal barges and dead bodies.

Okay, so we don't have an ocean like the coastal areas. But, do you know what we DO have like the Coast?


That's right baby. Right here in America's Heartland we have the hip fashion you'd expect to find in L.A., NYC or the suburbs of Sheboygan. You see, Midwest Beach is based in St.Louis! What does that mean to you? It means that we're not just creating ground breaking fashion, we're doing it while dodging bullets, running from burning riots and trying not to have our inventory looted.

That's right, St. Louis is the crime capital of the whole U.S. of A dude! And what are WE doing? We're catching a cool beach vibe and producing some of the trendiest sunglasses, hats and gear on the planet.

Sure you can buy some cap from a vegan in Santa Monica who made it while sipping a latte and getting ready for a Pilates lesson. Or, you can buy an urban chic head masterpiece from a couple of guys sweating creative bullets while trying to dodge bullets from street gangs with .38 specials and AK-47's.

Think of your image! Sure, you can walk down the street in your expensive Ray-Bans and Tommy Hilfiger sport cap, OR you can strut down your Urban Beach wearing the bold "MW" brand of Midwest Beach!

Save your image and possibly save a life. I just avoided a flipped burning Buick while while writing this.

So do yourself a favor and embrace the Urban Beach style of Midwest Beach and be somebody with attitude, looking damn sharp while doing it.

Buy the damn hat.

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